How to Make Chili Bean Paste

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We are pleased to share with you a method for making Chili Bean Paste.
The below instructions and photos come from the Chinese website:  which we have translated.
Part 1:
First, soak the fresh broad beans in the cold water.

Second, when they are soft, remove the peel, and beat the broad beans into halves. Then put them into a container untill they grow a small yellow hair which covers them.
Third, clean the broad beans with water, and dry; then place them in a basin or big container and add salt ( but not too much). Add some cold water and stir well. Cover the container with a clean cloth and place the container under the sunshine. (Don't forget to take the container inside when it is raining!) 

Broad beans - before being dried in the sun

Part 2:
First, after two weeks drying outside, the broad bean color will be darker and the smell will be strong.

Second, clean some red chillies and use the food processor to smash them.
Third, add the beans to the food processor and smash them for a while, then add some salt, five spice powder and ginger. Mix all well. 

Broad beans after two weeks of drying

Broad beans after being mixed with chopped chillies

Part 3:  
Transfer the mixture into a container which can be sealed well. Chili Bean Paste can be kept for a year. In fact some Chili Bean Paste is aged even longer before being sold. Aged bean paste is generally more expensive,
Whenever you want to eat, just use a little and reseal container. If you want it to be spicier, add some chopped ginger and mix with the paste.
Then, pour very hot seed oil over the mixture. You can use peanut oil (expensive), rapeseed oil or also use very hot olive oil. 
The world famous Chili Bean Paste comes from the town of Pixian in Sichuan. The manufacturer of Pixian Chili Bean Paste is considered a national secret and closely guarded. People believe that it is the unique quality of the air in Sichuan which gives the Pixian Chili Bean Paste a unique flavor.
This recipe does not give any ingredient measurements, please share your experience and measurements on the Cooking School In China blog.